No out-of-pocket treatment is available to problem gamblers, family members and concerned others who reside in Kansas. Call 800-522-4700

Kansas Problem Gambling Community Task Forces


Mission: To Strengthen the Capacity of the Community to Create and Maintain Safe, Healthy and Problem-Gambling-Free Communities.

Currently, there are four active Kansas Problem Gambling Community Task Forces:

Northeast Kansas Problem Gambling Taskforce

South Central Kansas Problem Gambling Taskforce

Southeast Kansas Problem Gambling Taskforce

Southwest Kansas Problem Gambling Taskforce

Our mission transcends to three distinctive entities:

Individuals - To help those that struggle with or those that are connected to and concerned for someone with a gambling addiction. This is a place you can turn to for support and help.

Communities - While some are influence by problem gambling directly, in reality it is something that affects us all. Everyone that wants to see our communities flourish have a stake in this mission. Help us by collaborating with us as we seek to help others.

Local Government Agencies - By combining our efforts and resources, we can collaborate and learn from each other what works and does not work in dealing with this issue.