Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program

For an additional measure you can undertake to stop gambling, you may choose self-exclusion. Once you register, you will voluntarily be excluded from entering any of the Kansas-owned casinos, as well as cashing checks and using credit cards. You will also be taken off of all casino mailing lists and will be unable to claim Kansas Lottery winnings.

•Placement on the Exclusion List is completely voluntary and your name cannot be added to the list by anyone but yourself.

•You can view a sample application here, but the application must be filled out and submitted in person at the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission Office in Topeka or at a Kansas-owned casino.

•You must present a government-issued photo ID for the application process.

•You must not be under the influence of any alcohol or controlled substances during the application process, so you can make a sober and informed decision.

•You can elect to be on the list for your lifetime or have the option for a two-year ban. After two years you will be re-evaluated and if you meet the two criteria points below, you will be considered for removal from the list. The KRGC makes the final decision as to whether or not to remove you from the Exclusion Program.

1. Must have completed a problem gambling assessment with a certified counselor
2. Complete a series of courses about healthy lifestyle choices

•If you violate the Voluntary Exclusion Program, you are subject to arrest for trespassing and must surrender any winnings.

•The Exclusion list does not apply at tribal casinos at this time, only Kansas-owned casinos.


For more information about the
Voluntary Exclusion Program, call:
Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission
at 785-296-5800

Voluntary Exclusion Brochure (Spanish)


Voluntary Exclusion participant rules: KS Regulations
Voluntary Exclusion participant rules: Summary of Regulations

Treatment is available at no cost to problem gamblers, family members and concerned others who reside in Kansas.